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1 a unit of weight used in some Spanish speaking countries
2 a liquid measure (with different values) used in some Spanish speaking countries

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From Arabic الربع (“ar-rub’, one fourth), being equal to one fourth of a quintal.


  1. An ancient unit of measure of weight or volume, still used in some contexts in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. The exact amount varies by country, region and the substance being measured, being e.g. abt 11.5 kg in most of Spain but 16.3 kg in Aragon, 13 kg as measure of oranges in Valencia and 16.1 liters as measure of wine.
  2. The '@' symbol, used to signify this unit.

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An arroba was a Spanish and Portuguese unit of weight, mass or volume. Its symbol is @. In weight it is equal to about 25 pounds. In the Spanish language and Portuguese language, the term arroba has now become synonymous with the symbol due to its use in e-mail addresses. The word arroba has its origin in Arabic ar-rubʿ (الربع), the fourth part (of a quintal). Arroba is widely used in Brazil and other countries as weight unit for cattle
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